How you can be involved

Sample collection for the Oz Honey Project has now ended. 

We thank all of the beekeepers who have contributed to our study, and we are excited to share the results of our project with you soon.

We anticipate that the chemical analyses of the samples we have collected will be completed by May 2018, and that the bioactivity testing will continue through to the end of the project in 2019.

For more information on the Oz Honey Project, please contact:

Dr Nural Cokcetin | Project Coordinator |


New Australian Leptospermum honey project led by the University of the Sunshine Coast kicks off March 2018.

The University of the Sunshine Coast Honey Lab will be continuing the chemical analysis (DHA, MGO and HMF testing) of honey samples as part of a new CRC for Honey Bee Products project over the next three years. Please contact Dr Peter Brooks for details:


Download the new sample information form to submit your samples here.