Honey in the news

September, 2018

University of Sunshine Coast’s Honey Laboratory set to become THE place to test for fake honey products (ABC Mornings Radio Show)

Expert reaction: honey fraud (scimex, Australian Science Media Centre)

August, 2018

Could eucalyptus honey cure an unhealthy gut? (AgriFutures Australia)

Honey for wound healing and superbugs (Australian Academy of Science – Facebook) video)

Can manuka honey solve all your problems?  (Refinery 29)

In search of… the healing power of honey (The House of Wellness)

June, 2018

Interview: picking honey researcher Nural Cokcetin’s brain about honey’s antimicrobial and prebiotic effects (Examine.Com Research Digest)

May, 2018

Honey as a therapy (Diffusion Science podcast)

Healing honey study guides beekeepers towards the best native trees and shrubs (ABC)

April, 2018

The healing powers of manuka honey (The House of Wellness Radio)

AMHA guidelines authenticating Australian Manuka honey (Food Mag)

March, 2018

Manuka honey: the spin versus the science (The New Daily)

February, 2018

ABC’s The Checkout – The buzz on manuka honey 

December, 2017

Nural and her honey research make the Campus Morning Mail’s ‘Special edition: Achievers of the Year‘ list (Campus Morning Mail)

Turns out honey is even sweeter than you thought (ABC Radio)

Nural spills the beans on honey research and FameLab (2Ser)

November, 2017

Discover the power of manuka honey and honey dressings (Health Professionals Radio)

September, 2017

5 talks from this year’s TEDxYouth that made us totally psyched for the future (Junkee)

Using honey to stop superbugs in their tracks (Nural Cokcetin – TEDx talk)

A spoonful of honey – Research by Dr Nural Cokcetin (UTS video)

Manuka honey: super-food or super-myth (2Ser radio interview)

August, 2017

Worms and honey, the unlikely heroes (UTS Science in Focus talk for Sydney Science Festival and NationalScience Week, via YouTube)

Manuka honey: is it really a ‘superfood’ for treating colds, allergies and infections?  (reposted from The Conversation)

Researchers show just how effective honey is in healing wounds

Honey a pot of gold against superbugs

Stories of Australian Science: Honey for your wounds? 

June, 2017

UTS’s Nural Cokcetin awarded runner-up at FameLab International, using PooTube to talk about honey and a healthy gut

Nural Cokcetin declared runner up of 10th FameLab International final in the UK for her talk on the prebiotic properties of Australian honey

Honey to treat skin infections in remote communities

May, 2017

Nural Cokcetin talks honey research and FameLab win (Campus Review podcast)

The highlights of FameLab – honey to boost gut health

Honey offers beneficial boost to our gut bacteria (ABC Radio podcast)

Honey: the sweet treat(ment) for your microbiome

New Zealand honey makers fight for right to manuka name

Using manuka honey before treating with antibiotics (2Ser radio interview)

December 2016 – January 2017

How manuka honey can prevent wound infection (2Ser radio interview)

Nursery owner works with researchers to test tea trees in hope of matching Manuka honey success

Our latest publication on the antibacterial activity of Australian Leptospermum honey (available to download from PLOS ONE) has created quite a buzz in the media over the holiday period:

ABC News 24 video (via Facebook)

Yahoo 7/Channel 7 News video (via Facebook)

Australian honey is at least as potent as NZ manuka, study finds (The Age, SMH)

Australian manuka honey the super ingredient to fight superbugs (SMH Daily Life)

Australian manuka honey as powerful against superbugs as NZ variety, researchers say (ABC News)

Australian honey can fight superbugs just like NZ’s manuka (National Geographic)

Australian manuka honey has strong antibacterial properties, new study shows (Sci News)

Australian manuka honey as powerful as its NZ cousin (SBS)

Australian manuka honey a medicinal powerhouse (UTS Newsroom, Phys Org)

Love NZ manuka honey? Cheap Aussie honey has same medical benefits (Huffington Post)

Aust manuka honey as powerful as NZ cousin (The Advertiser)

New study reveals Australian honey as beneficial and NZ manuka honey (A Current Affair)

Sweet healing (Digital Farm TV)

Aussie manuka honey found to have same anti-bacterial properties as famed NZ counterpart (NutraIngredients)

Australian manuka honey benefits: comparable to NZ variety (Counsel & Heal)

Tasmanian manuka honey just as good as NZ’s: Lindsay Bourke (The Examiner)

December, 2016

New Zealand, the Kardashians, and the battle to control manuka honey

August, 2016

Scientists on the hunt for medicinal liquid gold 

June, 2016

Honey, I killed those superbugs (Australian Health Today magazine article)

May 28, 2016

Catch the buzz – Oz beekeepers looking for manuka substitute

May 17, 2016

Beekeepers abuzz with excitement over research into manuka honey possibilities

May 13, 2016

You better BEElieve your honey is wanted 

March 21, 2016

Honey a secret weapon in battle against antibiotic resistance

March 20, 2016

Honey, lets plant some tea-trees  (podcast)

February 29, 2016

Beehive numbers soar as keepers chase lucrative manuka honey profits

February 2, 2016

ABC Landline – Jellybush

January 21, 2016

Australian honeys are healthy

Expert reaction: Contaminated Australian honey